The Virtual Office Service

The Virtual Office Service provides continuous high availability and reduces frequency and duration of service disruptions for multi-tier business applications running on heterogeneous operating systems and virtualization technologies.

Awesome Features

Multi Domain Supported

You can use your widget into 
multiple website.

Multi Department

You can create multiple department
for each operator.

User IP Tracking

Track your user current IP address
with request URL

Transfer Chat

Operator or admin can transfer
chat session to other operator.

Offline Mode

You can enable offline mode
when your working our has ended.

Customizable Widget

You can customize your widget by
changing widget appearance.


$15.00 /1 month


1 User

1 Department

100 Canned Message

$30.00 /1 month


3 User

3 Department

400 Canned Message

$40.00 /1 month


10 User

10 Department

2000 Canned Message


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